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Alberta Odorant Services (AOS)

Since the 1990's, three of our Member Utilities (Bow RIver Gas Co-op Ltd., East Smoky Gas Co-op Ltd., and Smoky Lake County) have been delivering odorant (Mercaptan) to the rest of our member utilities. Alberta Odorant Services (AOS) was created in 2011 as a subsidiary of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd.

AOS is a private business owned by the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd. and Gas Alberta Inc. AOS is responsible for the delivery of odorant to over 500 locations consisting of rural gas co-ops, municipal utilities, and First Nations utilities. AOS provides a safe, convenient, and cost effective odorant delivery service to utiltites, industry, and oil and gas customers in Western Canada.

AOS offers:

  • Bulk odorant delivery
  • Small container odorant delivery
  • Odorant systems for field offices
  • Verification and reporting of odorant levels
  • Design, fabrication, and installation of odorant facilities
  • Waste odorant collection and decommissioning of odorant facilities

For more information, go to http://www.albertaodorantservices.ca/

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada